Friday 20 February 2015

Olivier Weiter @ Click 8 Years Anniversary, WesterUnie

Olivier Weiter, a growing figure in Amsterdam’s underground house scene, has performed at events such as Time Warp NL and Welcome to the Future, not to mention his own WEITER parties that people flock to for the tribal WEITER energy and sound. Olivier’s trademark of savvy house aesthetics, melodic techno beats, and his uncanny ability to hypnotize the senses of everyone on the dance floor have propelled him onto the international stage as an artist.

The set begins with a rather soulful vibe, filled with melodic beats that entrance the senses, before progressing into a more melodious transition. Then enter the tribal sensations with beats that pull emotions as the set turns deeper with a dance floor impact which truly showcases the WEITER magic he cast on the partygoers who were at Click’s 8 years anniversary at WesterUnie.

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Saturday 14 February 2015

Ida Engberg @ Click 8 Years Anniversary, WesterUnie

Ida Engberg, Swedish bombshell and partner of fellow techno powerhouse, Adam Beyer, can often be found teaming up together on the road under his mighty Drumcode label. Today we catch her riding solo as she topped the bill at a huge 21 hour marathon celebration of the Amsterdam based party Click's 8th anniversary.

With a lineup worthy of most top European festivals, Ida takes the reigns and instantly captivates with her presence. Descending from a long line of Scandinavian techno heritage, with seminal artists such as Jesper Dahlback, Cari Lekebusch, and of course Adam Beyer himself, all hailing from her home nation, she is well versed in smart and sophisticated sets full of icy grooves and solid track selections. She brings that human touch, full of melodic motifs, that is so often missing from the pounding, industrial, male-dominated world of Techno. With deft choices such as the excellent new Efdemin remix of DJ Boom's classic track Kinda Kickin', her performance has a charming accessibility, while at the same time brimming with trippy big-room energy that fills the room and makes it a pleasure to watch unfold.

Never limiting herself to the safe structures or expectations of just being a 'female' DJ she pushes the envelope with her talent and passion for full-bodied techno filled selections. Journeying swiftly through airy numbers and touches of acid-led grooves, before moving into solid underpinnings of darker and tougher techno rhythms as the night progresses. A shining example of her capabilities behind the decks and the constant irresistible urge to dance to her music, this is one to truly get you moving out of your seat.


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Wednesday 11 February 2015

Liveset #364 - Saytek (Live)

As one of the UK's most exciting acts, Saytek has carved out a unique position for himself over the last few years. Having built himself a reputation for innovative, improvised sets that span the house and techno spectrum he is now widely regarded as one of the nation's very best live performers. His expertise and confidence in using hardware to create totally original tracks right before the audience's eyes creates the perfect blend of entertainment and unpredictability. Merely watching him build his live set via an impressive array of hardware including his trusty Roland MC909, Maschine Mikro, a Kaos Pad 3, Pioneer's RMX1000, the Akai APC 40 and a DJ mixer is a joy to behold. Performing with all of these instruments through Ableton has now become second nature, meaning every twist and turn is controlled effortlessly, creating a dynamic experience for all involved.
Enjoy listening to this Liveset recorded at Golden Times @ Golden Gate Berlin.

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Saturday 7 February 2015

DJ Mix #363 - Saeed Younan

A world class globe-trotting DJ, a recording artist, a sought-after remix producer, and head of his own record label (Younan Music), Saeed Younan has excelled as a true artist in the global dance scene. Without showing complacency, Saeed Younan does not cease to amaze, always looking to astound.
Born in Iraq but living in Washington DC since the early 80's, Younan grew up listening to a variety of ethnic music. As a result, his musical sound resonates with percolating beats and sonic grooves. His production have been dubbed “timeless” by top DJs and even referred to as a “change of heart for dance music.” His vision is clear, yet simply stated: “I just want people to enjoy my music as much as I enjoy playing it for them.”

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Sunday 1 February 2015

Video production (camjo) intern wanted

Video production (camjo) intern wanted to join our Amsterdam team for the production of a international deejay interview series

DanceTrippin is looking for a video production (Camjo) intern to join our enthusiastic, energetic, and international team based in Amsterdam. The role will blend a mix of great learning opportunities and hands on experience working on real projects that matter.
The role will be focused on shooting and producing highly ranked international DJ interviews and shows at events for DanceTrippin, which could also be used for the intern’s portfolio. This is a full-time, non-paid internship, which will last for 5 months, with the possibility of a full-time employment.

Desired Skills and Experience
• Senior Student pursuing degree in Media or Video Production.
• Affinity towards the electronic music industry
• Strong work ethics, do-a-lot-with-a-little mentality, not shy to ask questions
• Ability to work from home with little supervising
• Uncanny ability to multitask, good sense of business priorities
• Fluent in English both oral and written

What you get
• Personal coaching and regular feedback sessions to fast pace your development
• Media production experience in the music and TV industry
• Contacts within the Electronic Music and television Industry
• Guestlist to the coolest festivals and clubs in NL

How to apply for this internship?
• Must be currently a student and legally allowed to work in the Netherlands
• Like DanceTrippin on Facebook
• Send your resume and motivation letter to

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