Friday 29 January 2016

DJ Mix #405 Lady Dee

Lady Dee is the name behind Dijana Knezevic. She started DJing in 2009. From there on, she started playing in ex-YU countries. “You start performing this art form when you start feeling that music moves you and that you feel obligated to pass that feeling on to others” – says Dee.
She started working with classic house melodies, and in a later career she started flirting with tech-house sounds.
Her DJ sets were enjoyed by crowds in biggest and most renowned Belgrade clubs such as The Tube, Mladost, Lasta and others. She also played in various festivals including Enter Festival in Croatia, Love Fest in Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia and, of course, Europe’s best festival, EXIT.

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Sunday 24 January 2016

DJ Mix #404 Nachtamt

It’s all about versatility and mood for dutch DJ and producer Nachtamt.
Genre comes second place to the desires of bringing ideas into actuality and his contrast of electronic styles affirms this. The music is one aspect, sound the other. Both are equally important in the creative process. His tracks are sometimes intended to portray an opinion or some dissatisfaction at the world. However, Nachtamt more often lets his ideas flow from an ambiguous creative torrent, giving the listener freedom to interpret his crafted palette of sounds and their use to conjure their own aural impressions in the mind.

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Saturday 16 January 2016

Shadow Child @ Verknipt ADE Special

Although being part of house music scene for few years, Shadow Child, UK-based DJ and producer, has experienced stellar rise after releasing his debut album on renowned Dirtybird label. Receiving support by likes of Eats Everything and Claude Vonstroke, Shadow Child paved his way into electronic music scene, releasing music on Apollo Music and Moda Black, while managing his record label Food Music.

During Amsterdam Dance Event, Shadow Child treated us with a dynamic and style-changing set at Verknipt party taking place at Amsterdam Studios. Shadow Child showcased why he is one of the most in demand DJs nowadays, with his set displaying his impeccable ability to cross genres with extreme lightness. Providing the taste of soulfulness but still keeping it raw at times, captivated the crowd which enjoyed his set until the very last beat.

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Friday 15 January 2016

DJ Mix #403 Macromism

The artistic union between Mattia Saviolo and Eugenio Zampieri is consolidated years ago, thanks to the common passion for electronic music, especially for “Techno-Minimal” music, that helps them to obtain notoriety as young producers and DJs at local and international level. In this way, they can share the console with artists such as Phil Kieran, Par Grindvik, Fabrizio Maurizi, Gel Abril, Joseph Capriati.

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Friday 8 January 2016

Clouds @ Verknipt ADE Techno Special

Soon after starting their music career, Clouds, a Scottish duo, built an impressive reputation for themselves getting support by likes of Sven Vath and Marcel Dettmann. Apart from releasing their debut album on Turbo Recordings, they had releases on new Gary Beck’s label Fifht Wall. Their talent is best measured in their ability to incorporate different UK sounds, from d’n’b to electro, and present them as unique sound.

Verknipt party during Amsterdam Dance Event allowed Clouds to seduce the audience with their hypnotic and dark minimal techno. They delivered an outstanding performance full of dramatic shifts, adding the dubby and breakbeat flavor, which the crowd soaked in completely as they created a trippy and spacey atmosphere.

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