Thursday 21 May 2015

Detroit Swindle @ Loveland van Oranje Festival, Kingsday

Under a giant Kings' crown, the duo of tech house naturals, Detroit Swindle, royally stir things up for swathes of orange dancers, at the annual Loveland van Oranje Festival from Meerpark, Amsterdam.

King's Day: celebrated only for the second time since it's transformation from Queen's Day in 2013, is an event that evokes pangs of jealousy around the world. In America they celebrate their national holidays with fireworks, in Ireland they drink beer and sing songs, and in England they don't really celebrate at all. But as thousands of festival goers can be seen dancing and celebrating the Dutch national holiday in the sunshine (while the rest of us ravers outside of the Netherlands are often stuck at work!) watching half of the DJ universe descend on Amsterdam for parties of regal proportions, just proves that they know how to do things right here in Amsterdam!

Dancetrippin promises to get you in and amongst the action for all those around the world who couldn't make it – or for those who did, that want to relive the magic that unfolded again.

Kicking things off with bumping, Chicago inflected beats, the Dutch natives, Detroit Swindle, set an uplifting pace that perfectly matches the jubilant surroundings. With a skippy and playful style, they start to work tracks into their sweeping, attention grabbing sets that include a groove laden selection of skittering drum beats and classy piano house stabs.

Moving things up a gear with Jesse Perez's 2014 cut 'That's Real Muthaf**kin Talk' released on DJ Sneak's I'm A House Gangster imprint, they infuse all of Sneak's trademark rocking house vibes into a fiery tech-house set, that quickly dips in and out of wicked acid-style burners to reset the energy levels somewhere around the midpoint, before continuing their upwards funky trajectory to get the crowd really moving.

No matter where you were on April 27th this year, strap yourself in for a thrill ride of epic proportions with a pair of upcoming house heroes, and celebrate King's Day in style.

Turn it up!

Ethan McNamara

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Tuesday 12 May 2015

DJ Mix #372 Just Her

It’s all about the music and always has been. It’s always been there – from crafting homemade DJ mix tapes as a child and learning to play any instrument within reach, to studying Creative Music Production and Lecturing in Music Technology, Claire Spooner aka Just Her, has grown and evolved to become a major force in Electronic Music.

Just Her marks the start of another chapter in her journey. Already making serious waves under her solo moniker, Claire has secured original releases with Suara & Save Us Records plus remixes on Motek, Serkal, Chapter 24 and Click Records within just a few months. With her own label Constant Circles launching this year, a bi-weekly radio show on London Station Bloop, and a growing reputation for technical prowess on the decks, Just Her is fast developing a loyal following from around the globe. Expect deep melodic emotion-filled grooves from House and Electronica through to Techno.

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Saturday 9 May 2015

Livemix #371 Egbert

It is warm, upbeat, energetic and most of all, irresistible: The Egbert-sound.
Egbert VanderGugten is an ordinary Dutch guy, except for the fact that he is THE Dutch techno-act at this moment.

In his loft in Rotterdam, Egbert produces one great dance floor track after another. However, no dance floor can hear it. The only witness to the magic he creates are the four walls of his
loft until the Dutch techno legend Secret Cinema (Jeroen Verheij) finds him online.

Verheij pulls Egbert out of his loft and gives him, at age 20, a stage to perform on and a record label. It turned out to be the start of an international victory tour.

Egbert sets a new standard when he singlehandedly performs for 6 hours straight in a sold out club Melkweg in Amsterdam. The question is: what is someone who achieved so much in such a short period of time going to do next? No worries. Aside from the fact that he still has a countless amount of tracks waiting to see the world (thank you, loft), Egberts’ ambition and energy are limitless.

The entire world is his next stop.

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Friday 8 May 2015

Cocoon at Link Festival 2015 - Aftermovie

In the beginning of April, Link Festival dropped the techno bomb with an unforgettable first edition in Liege, Belgium, where they had four areas full of quality music, intense vibes and love. It is one thing to make a good party, but when Sven Vath brings Cocoon to host their own stage, one can be sure that this would be a night to remember. Cocoon is a benchmark for quality and it was proven once again, by the man himself Sven Vath, who brought to stage some of his good friends like Dubfire and label fellows Daniel Stefanik, Julien Bracht, and Ilario Alicante. The techno ambassadors spread the love for techno by playing some of the finest tunes, which left the crowd raving and craving for more.

To get a glimpse of this fabulous event, here is a short after movie that will show you some magical moments we shared with Cocoon at their stage. For those who were there and had a great experience and for those who couldn't be there, we also give you a full episode with Ilario Alicante, who rocked the stage in the peak of the night.

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Thursday 7 May 2015

DanceTrippin now offers free applications for your TV!

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