Tuesday 20 January 2015

DJ Mix #361 - Jason Brooks

In the world of music there is not much Jason Brooks has not been a part of. For over 10 years he has produced & remixed many top music projects, all while maintaining a demanding international DJ schedule and running his record label, Futuro Sounds.
As a DJ he has been touring the world since 2000 and is known for playing upfront house music and deep pumping beats. Although he has had equal success as a producer and songwriter he is quick to tell you, he is a DJ first.

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Wednesday 31 December 2014

DJ Mix #359 - Kaiserdisco

Frederic Berger and Patrick Buck first got together as Kaiserdisco in 2008 on the back of nearly a decade of operating separately as solo acts. The change paid dividends immediately and the pair have garnered worldwide support ever since. Their versatility when it comes to blending together elements of techno, tech-house and deep house has made them firm favourites on the global underground scene. Acclaimed releases on labels such as Drumcode, 100% Pure, Kling Klong, Terminal M and My Best Friend, coupled with performances at the world’s most impressive clubs and festivals has given them the well deserved respect amongst the industry.

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Tuesday 16 December 2014

DJ Mix #358 - Christian Nielsen

Danish DJ and producer Christian Nielsen is a rare commodity in the world of House and Techno. While other producers might pander to the masses, Nielsen never opts for a novelty approach, instead carving his own successful niche in a constant jostle for dance floor play.

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Friday 5 December 2014

Detroit Swindle @ I'm A House Gangster - ADE Edition, Baut

Earning their stripes through a string of sultry deep house cuts affiliated with solid house imprints like Tsuba, Dirt Crew and and murmur. The dynamic Dutch duo of Detroit Swindle have carved out a superb niche in an arguably over-saturated Deep House environment over the last few years. Their fresh twist on 90's inflected grooves, with choppy diva vocals, light and airy pads, and underpinned with funk and disco flavours at times, ensures it's smooth and sophisticated House music from the off.

The handsome Dutch natives look very much at home at the Amsterdam Dance Event. Gaining huge popularity in the UK and the rest of Europe with their crisp take on current deep house vibes, it's a sure-fire recipe for success at DJ Sneak's “I'm A House Gangster” event at ADE. Both grooving and moving in unison with the beat, warming up proceedings with steadfast sophistication, they look intent on delivering music that is both attention grabbing to the girls on the front row, and punchy enough to keep the real heads nodding further back.

Masterfully weaving through peaks and troughs of jazzy and welcoming house, enticing an attractive European crowd into the pulsing red lights of the Baut club. It is a testament to the allure of their unique sound, holding strong during a week of star-studded ADE events, a mere stones throw away with the infamous Trouw Nightclub just meters away next door.

Full of classic leaning samples and well thought out cuts of accessible house rhythms, the pair perfectly intertwine moments of intelligent and fresh tracks, with a warm and rising selection of records.

A fine example of a diverse and engaging deep house workout, you are guaranteed to be moving through this one. Enjoy!

-Ethan McNamara

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