Thursday 30 July 2015

Lee Van Dowski @ Mobilee Showcase (OFF Sonar)

Lee Van Dowski’s set at Mobilee Showcase, taking place at Fact Music Pool Series, could be simply described as a never ending kick. French DJ and producer, Lee Van Dowski, has already earned reputation in the electronic music world with numerous releases on Candenza, Mobilee, Noir, Leena Music and BPitch Control and by playing at the most famous clubs around the world.

On this occasion, he delivers an uplifting and style-changing set that doesn’t leave any space to loosen up. Lee Van Dowski’s passion for music can be felt as each new track comes in with a lively sensation which is hard to resist. Going from industrial to deep back to minimal, it seems like you never know how Lee will surprise you next, creating stories that will definitely intrigue you. In all its powerfulness and persistent energy, it’s easy to get lost in his music!

Let Lee take you away!

-Lana Popara

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Monday 27 July 2015

Tapesh @ Verknipt Festival

A hot summer day in Amsterdam just became hotter when Tapesh stepped behind the decks at Verknipt Festival. German DJ and producer showcased his talent in one hour of serious tech house beats which the crowd soaked in as much as the sun. Growing up in his father’s clubs, Tapesh was exposed to different genres from Kraftwerk to funk music which left a strong influence on him. With releases on Get Physical, Mobilee, Noir and Defected, we were lucky to experience in Amsterdam the “Tapesh feeling” that was recognized by the likes of Jamie Jones and Loco Dice,

Exciting and versatile producer as Tapesh is, we could not expect any less from his DJ set. Groovy basslines and subtle melodies were complemented with funk beats and filtered hip-hop inflicted vocals. Tapesh’s sense of timing the drops contributed to this dynamic and flamboyant set to which neither crowd or he himself couldn’t resist and had to keep on dancing!

Enjoy that Tapesh feeling!

-Lana Popara

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Saturday 25 July 2015

DJ Mix #380 ME & her

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts: that’s the magic alchemy of ME & her summarized in a few words. Two musical sisters who both nurture an unconditional love for dark and spherical infectious melodies and heavy basses.
It’s a musical love at first sight that happened between Phuong, a Swiss girl of Vietnamese origin and Jen, a young East German woman. Two fundamentally opposed women, one only swearing by the old school, while the other has been raised in the spectres of Leipzig & Berlin techno, but their fusion instantly works in the ME & her project.

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Thursday 23 July 2015

Rodriguez Jr. (live) @ Mobilee Showcase (OFF Sonar)

As the night falls over Barcelona, Fact Music Pool Series welcomes another eclectic musician, Rodriguez Jr. who delivers his renowned live set. Rodriguez Jr. joins Mobilee Records showcase, a Berlin-based label he’s been collaborating with since 2005. His performance captures momentarily, as his hair is carelessly falling over his eyes, and with a big smile on his face, Rodriguez Jr. keeps on dancing throughout his whole set giving his energy to the crowd.

He starts off with ambient spacey beats, slowly introducing stronger bass lines and subtle female vocals giving a soulful taste to his performance. While the scenery turns completely dark, Rodriguez Jr. speeds up his set and builds it up to the maximum leaving the audience satisfied and a DJ booth to his fellow Mobilee DJs.

-Lana Popara

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Tuesday 21 July 2015

Barem @ Unleash x ALT Management, La Terrrazza

From the very first beat of “God Made Me Phunky” by MD X-Press, we knew we were in for a groovy tech house trip with Barem’s set at Unleash x ALT party taking place in the beautiful surroundings of La Terrrazza in Barcelona during Off Week. An Argentinian DJ and producer who grew up playing blues and rock guitar, Barem swiftly developed himself as a part of a new generation of electronic musicians. With numerous releases on Richie Hawtin’s Minus, he established himself as label’s key figure and made a name for himself in the techno world.

On this special night, Barem’s love for bass and percussion are glowing as he lays down percussive driven grooves and juicy sound palette. Full of loops and layered vocals, the house feeling becomes undeniable and it is almost impossible for the crowd to stand still. As he is dropping the house classic “Just Trippin”, we can’t help but to think if we remember the first time we heard a sound that made us dance so hard, as Barem keeps on doing!

Recall that house feeling!

-Lana Popara

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