Tuesday 24 November 2015

Sander van Doorn @ Doorn Records ADE Label Night

Sander van Doorn has become a household name in the electronic music world. The Dutch producer/DJ has been in the spotlight since he started reaching the DJ mag top 100 list back in 2006. In 2008, he was awarded with the “Best Breakthrough DJ” at the Miami Winter Music Conference, beating artists such as Calvin Harris, Axwell and Deadmau5. After headlining major music festivals around the world and securing a residency in Amnesia, Ibiza, he founded Doorn Records. The label features many of his successful remixes of while giving other artists a platform to release their music.

Headlining his very own Doorn Records label night at this year’s ADE in Amsterdam, Doorn takes us on an intense musical journey. From heavy bass pounding tracks to dreamy melodic tunes, his set is one that captivates the crowd seamlessly. Club Escape, in Amsterdam offers the perfect atmosphere surrounded by beautiful visuals and light shows, complimenting Doorn’s veteran mixing techniques.

-Willem Paul

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Sunday 22 November 2015

Skream & Route 94 @ STRAF_WERK ADE

London-born Skream and Route 94 are long time buddies, sharing not only the same last name but also love for the electronic music, more precisely dubstep and deep house. Skream started off by producing dubstep tracks, later forming live music project Magnetic Man with Benga and Artwork. After achieving commercial success, Skream changed his musical direction by incorporating house and disco sound into his sets. Route 94 also commenced his career as a dubstep producer under the name Dream but shortly after he changed his name into Route 94 and released his debut single “My Love” which instantly achieved recognition around Europe, peaking no.1 on UK singles chart.

Straf_Werk party taking place at Overkant during Amsterdam Dance Event was a perfect opportunity for Skream and Route 94 to join forces and deliver a style-changing performance at times raw, at times soulful, but always on point. First part of their set was characterized by darker tech house vibes sometimes interfered with powerful female vocals, while in the other half they introduced groovier and funkier vibes reaching the peak with Martin Solveig’s remix of “Madan” and crowd pleaser “Gotta Let You Go” by Dominica, which added a positive note to the closing of their set.

-Lana Popara

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Friday 20 November 2015

DJ Mix #395 Monosaccharide

Monosaccharide is a DJ duo formed in Belgrade by Dragana Milinkovic and Sreten Savic. Its members are infatuated and infected with techno music, futuristic underground atmosphere and electronic media. Dragana is experienced in making short films and videos, as well as DJing for almost 15 years. Sreten has more than two decades of experience in DJing, radio and TV production and IT. This software girl and hardware boy found their perfect match.

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Friday 20 November 2015

Juan Atkins @ Lovefest

Juan Atkins established his reputation as one of originators of techno, precisely Detroit techno sound along with Kevin Saunderson and Derrick May. Inspired by the radio show “The Electrofying Mojo”, Atkins bought himself his first analogue synthesizer and started recording with cassette decks in 1981. Soon after Juan and Derrick May were featured on the same show under the name Deep Space. Apart from his releases under Juan Atkins, he also released several singles under his aliases Infiniti and Model 500.
On this occasion, Juan Atkins took control of the DJ booth on Fire Stage at Lovefest in Serbia. He took his audience on a musical journey through different electronic music styles and genres. His rich and diverse track selection ranging from Chicago House to Detroit Techno got the crowd movin’ and groovin’.

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Wednesday 18 November 2015

DJ Rush @ BLAKKSHEEP Showcase, Dockyard Festival ADE 2015

Chicago-born DJ Rush began his music career over 20 years ago in the flourishing Chicago’s house scene. He started off by playing at Frankie Knucles’ Warehouse and by releasing on Trax Records label, on which he released his first single “Knee Deep” and two full-length albums in 1996. His European success came with the record “Motherfucking Bass” in 1998, which was regarded as one of the club anthems. Soon after, DJ Rush launched his own imprint Kne’Deep in Berlin, providing opportunities to rising techno DJs. His amazing skills and charming personality make him one of the most iconic people in the techno scene.

Blakksheep’s showcase at Dockyard Festival was in for a perfect ending when DJ Rush stepped behind the decks. He delivered a powerful performance filled with heavy techno beats. His relentless energy spoke to his crowd, which reciprocated in ceaseless dancing and loads of hand-waving. Spicing it up with a little freestyle towards the end of his set, DJ Rush wrapped the night utterly and left the audience screaming for more.

-Lana Popara

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