Tuesday 30 September 2014

Solomun @ Loveland Festival, Amsterdam

One of our favorite deep house DJ/Producers is back on DT starring another spectacular episode that will surely get you on your feet. Get ready for an hour of deep and funky beats by the one and only Solomun from his stellar performance at Loveland festival!

The Diynamic label boss is known for his signature sunny and soulful beats but let’s not forget that he is a self-proclaimed risk-taker when it comes to experimenting with genres and styles and this performance is a clear example. Solomun treats us to a clever combination of techy tracks for the first part of the set before progressing into his accustomed warmer beats topped off with organic vocals. But clearly the highlight of the set for many came when he dropped Strong R.’s unofficial remix of the ever-popular Depeche Mode classic “Personal Jesus.”

One of the remarkable qualities of the popular German artist is his laid-back, down-to-earth personality with which he has established a strong connection with thousands of fans all over the world. Having achieved sudden and exceptional popularity after his first summer on the White Isle in 2012, Solomun continues to rack up success not only in his personal career, but also for his ubiquitous Diynamic label and 2DIY4 sub-label. Diynamic Outdoor, the label’s first day time weekly at Cova Santa Ibiza, just closed a successful first season last Thursday.

The warm reception from the audience says it all. Smiling faces prevailed across the dance floor from beginning to end and we even caught Maceo Plex pay respects to his German friend and colleague mid-set. And if you’re a fan, catch Solomun this Thursday and Friday back in his native Germany before heading back for another installment of his Sunday “Solomun+1” residency at Pacha, Ibiza.

But if you want a FULL taste of the “Do It Yourself” (DIY) flavor, make sure to get your tickets for the Diynamic Showcase (ADE Edition) in Amsterdam happening on Thursday, Oct. 16th.

In the words of Solomun: “Music is Moments” so press play and enjoy the present one. ;)

-Jess Rox

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Thursday 25 September 2014

Gabriel Ananda & Stefano Richetta @ Click at the Beach, Woodstock Bloemendaal

With sand between your toes, surrounded by palm trees and party people – you'd expect our latest episode of Dancetrippin to be brought to you from the sunny white isle of Ibiza. But from a prime beachside venue in the Netherlands, we bring you Gabriel Ananda, joined by the party promoter and talented DJ in his own right – Stefano Richetta – as they lay together an explosion of progressive beats from Click at the Beach, Woodstock.

Beginning our 50 minute journey with one of Gabriel's seemingly endless array of uplifting and distinct electronic synth lines, it sets the tone for a sleek and sexy musical atmosphere that follows. A fluid exploration of electronic sounds, from an accomplished and steadfast performer. Looking completely calm and collected as always, he controls and drives the party atmosphere with ease.

Like the eponymous festival name – sometimes when things work together, they just 'click' and that can certainly be said of this excellent set from Gabriel Ananda. You could lift this party up and drop it anywhere in the world and it would work just as well, which is a true testament to the great music on offer in this episode.

Seamlessly incorporating his live elements into a more conventional DJ set, the sun begins to set as he is joined by Stefano Richetta in the second half, for an impressive impromptu performance that continues effortlessly, as they work harmoniously together through neat connecting transitions, clean breakdowns and purposeful, progressive selections. The synchronous ebb and flow between the two artists let's the crowd really get into the groove. A wonderful diverse crowd, enthralled in the sound, and full of happy dancers, both old and young, as the two artists on stage bridge the gap perfectly between contemporary melodic sounds and Gabriel's well-documented minimalistic roots.

It would be unfair to pin a superbly talented producer like Gabriel Ananda purely to his 2006 mega hit 'Doppelwhipper' – a bleepy, stomping, anthem of a record, which was the soundtrack to the halcyon days of DC10 and an entire summer season in Ibiza, Berlin and beyond. It crystallised the fractured micro sounds that came to define the entire minimal techno era. But never to be defined as just a 'one-hit-wonder', Gabriel then went on to release his own music on quality labels such as Trapez, Treibstoff, 100% Pure and many more, as his sound has matured and blossomed into the kaleidoscope of forward thinking electronic music that we are lucky enough to be treated to in full frontal flow today.

Tune in and get ready to dance!

- Ethan McNamara

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Wednesday 17 September 2014

Karotte @ Loveland Festival, Amsterdam

Fresh from a summer touring schedule punctuated with huge festivals all around the globe, we join Karotte for the Loveland Festival, at Sloterpark in the heart of Amsterdam.

Over the years he has been a resident of essential clubs such as Harry Klein in Munich, and the Cocoon Club in Frankfurt, as well as becoming close friend and collaborator with fellow techno talent, Gregor Treshor, and the Break New Soil label family. With his trade first and foremost as a DJ, he certainly shows his experience and shines on this summer afternoon with a beautiful set of polished, cinematic techno in front of a jubilant Dutch crowd. Ebbing and flowing in the sunshine, he weaves his way between solid drum-driven workouts, to more sweeping melodic numbers with ease.

Well weighted, and full of glossy arpeggiated touches, he truly brings an element of class to the day's proceedings, with soaring buildups that lift the crowd higher and higher throughout, taking thousands of party-people to the next level.

Revelling in the occasion with a string of glistening techno cuts, and wickedly fun in his delivery, Karotte can be seen dancing just as much (if not more) than the giant, swelling crowd in front of him. As to be expected, they respond with jubilant faces and hands and fists raised high into the air. Highlights include a huge edit of 'Gadjo – Disco's Revenge' and closing out his set with the sensational 'Technasia – I Am Somebody' before handing things over to Dubfire who can be seen waiting in the wings. He leaves the whole crowd on fire, but not before pausing for a quick selfie with Mr. Ali Dubfire himself.

Ice lollies, super cool dancemoves, and a beautifully diverse mix of music and people... it could only be Loveland. Here's 60 minutes of great tunes to get your party started... wherever you are!

- Ethan McNamara

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Saturday 13 September 2014

Ricardo Villalobos & Luciano @ Love Family Park, Germany

Enjoy a big dose of LOVE through a back to back set from two of the most renowned and beloved DJs in the world!

Displaying all the skill and unique personalities that have entranced fans internationally for over a decade, Villalobos and Luciano bring the heat in this all-vinyl set. Since the early 90’s, the two have established their personal styles combining deep-rooted Chilean identities rich with warm and rhythmic South American percussions and their own personal touch of House and Techno respectively. Some of the most notable and respected DJ/Producers in the world, Villalobos and Luciano have also expanded into other roles in the industry including running successful record labels and throwing some of the most epic parties on Earth.

It’s refreshing to watch the flow of energy between them while sharing decks – a hard feat for two unacquainted DJs to achieve within an hour or two hour time slot. But the camaraderie that the two have established over the years can be seen in their interaction with one another which is lovingly received and reciprocated by the crowd at Love Family Park.

On this episode we continue our coverage of this year’s installment of the German festival. We’re sure having been there would have been a dream come true for many of us, but don’t fret: we’ve got you covered!

In the words of Villalobos: “Let’s do it the Chilenian way.”

-Jess Rox

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Wednesday 3 September 2014

Mathias Kaden @ Love Family Park, Germany

On a hot and sunny day at Love Family Park's new location at Messepark Mainz in Germany, Mathias Kaden treats the Floor 2 stage to a pumping Tech imbued set... and really puts the L O V E in Love Family Park!

We join Mathias Kaden as he sets the day in motion at one of Germany's most popular festivals. A well respected regular at Cocoon in Ibiza, and with consistently impressive appearances at Watergate Berlin that make him a real big hit amongst German clubbing circles, it's clear to see why Kaden joins the celebrated tier of underground DJ's chosen to bill the monster lineup for the 2014 edition of the festival – now in it's 19th successive year. With releases of his own music that can be found punctuating the discographies and back catalogues of top quality labels such as Get Physical, Desolat and Moon Harbour - not to mention his notably fearless and unpretentious style of Djing - it's fair to say he brings the perfect professional balance of fun and intensity to wherever he plays.

After Love Family Park moved to its new location this year, you could forgive the crowd for taking some time to adjust to their new surroundings. But it doesn't seem to have dampened spirits in the slightest, as festival-goers revel in the sounds of big room Techno jocks across all four stages, with Sven Väth, Ricardo Villalobos and Marco Carola bolstering the rest of the lineup too.

As the summer sun continues to beam down on Mainz, we tune in as Kaden starts his set around midday, with the skeletal groove and bumping bassline of ItaloJohnson – 003 that sets the pace perfectly for the following hour of hip-shaking tech house. A sensational party DJ, he finds his stride almost instantly, taking very little time to warm up the crowd and his surroundings, continually picking out strong and purposeful Techno cuts to keep the growing crowd on their toes, with the kind of sound that translates really effectively to the big stage environment. Kaden shifts through the gears like a seasoned pro as he spins intently behind the turntables. Furiously working the faders in the way that only he can, and with weapon-like tracks aimed squarely at the dancefloor, he injects tons of energy and excitement into the whole crowd, from the front row to the very back. Mathias proves once again why he is such a popular name on the current European festival circuit, capturing and holding the attention of the massive crowd with great ease.

A charming character, and a real personality behind the decks too, his jack-in-a-box enthusiasm is almost as impressive as his impeccable record selections. Continuing to flow quickly through punchy bass-laden tracks, swirling electronic buildups and plenty of bottom heavy beats, his creative mixing style and rolling grooves results in hands raised to the sky, moving feet, and smiles painted across plenty of faces, right to the very last kick drum.

Jump in and enjoy this one!

-Ethan McNamara

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