Dj Mix #466 -Aprapta
DJ Mix #466

27 Jan. 2017
APRAPTA An Emphasis on the Art and Craft of Music Making - APRAPTA is a project that has developed itself throughout the years until it was perfected. Its sophisticated and deep sound reflects the artist´s coming of age as well as a restart into acoustic perfection. The sound of APRAPTA describes a mental retreat - a creative universe that invariably reinvents itself without following fads or fashion yet it is conceptually on point. APRAPTA´s language does not try to please, it is brave, unique and profound. APRAPTA - an interdisciplinary project that similarly unites art and music to bring visual and acoustic aesthetics to a climax. Website Facebook Soundcloud TRACKLIST: 1.Balinsky - Gigil (Tolga Fidan remix) (ETE03) 2.Horror Inc. - The Absent (Magnanime Remix) (PERL106) 3.Volker Dornhagen - Tombola (EIGENART01) 4.Egal 3 - Titlu & Poveste (Cumsecade Inchele Mix) (Memoria Ltd. 004) 5.Podime - Smashing Pumpkins (Kike Mayor & He Did Remix)(Baile) 6.Aprapta - Overhead (Unreleast) 7.SeMiAmar - All Good (Baile) 8.Ricardo Villalobos feat. Jorge Gonzàlez - Who Are You?(Raum Musik093) 9.Lucien-N-Luciano - Rickson Trephala [CAD100] 10.Arapu - Pitfall [LNR001] 11.DJ Pierre - What Is House Muzik (Ricardo Villalobos What Is Remix)(Get Physical Music)