Dj Mix #470 Techno Frühstück
24 Feb. 2017
Techno Frühstück

-- TRACKLIST BELOW-- The streets of Berlin offered the perfect environment to blow away the trials of Daniel?s studies in theoretical quantum physics. One of these weekends he discovered a smooth but incredibly fearless beat that made him shudder to his bones. It was the sound of Felix' mobile soundsystem reverbating through the endless compounds of the city. In this very moment, as the sun peeked its way out from behind the buildings, Daniel and Felix realized that they had to combine their musical forces. They were hungry. The night was over. They had to eat. And so the fairy tale of Techno Frühstück - The Techno Breakfast - began.






Township Rebellion - Aphrodite

Oliver Winters - Walking

Heavy Innellea - Najachoka

Rory Gallagher - The Brain (Danito&Athina Remix)

Third Son - Film Score (Rauschhaus Remix)

Budakid, Tim Engelhardt - Everyone is Looking (Jonas Saalbach Remix)

Bongbeck - Winter Sleep (Ben Bohmer Remix)

Mononoid - Two Types of Tin

Felix Reiter - Am offenen Fenster (DJ Aroma Remix)

Massive Attack - Ritual Spirit (Motek Music Remix)


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