Customer | FACT Music Pool Series / Mobilee - Barcelona (Spain)
DJ Set #457

June 2016
Event / Location
FACT Music Pool Series / Mobilee / Barcelona (Spain)

Inspired by a series of raw studio-jam sessions during the Spring of 2013, Customer is the result of a highly effective collaboration project between techno veteran's Alan Fitzpatrick and Reset Robot, aka Dave Robertson.

Writing music together in the background of their solo careers, the duo are focusing on developing a specific and trademark Customer sound. Already in this time, the productions of their pet project have surfaced on Whistleblower Records, the fledgling imprint co-owed and run by Alan, Dave and their close friend, Rhymos, best known for his releases for Catwash, Rumours and Murmur.

On a cool evening in Barcelona, the duo stepped up to the plate delivering a hot-to-touch set for the FACT Music Pool Series / Mobilee night. Clearly demonstrating which direction they want their project to go in, the crowd maintained their energy throughout, welcoming the techno masterclass with open arms.


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