Egbert LIVE | Loveland Festival - Amsterdam (Netherlands)
DJ Set #464

August 2016
Event / Location
Loveland Festival / Amsterdam

Egbert VanderGugten, otherwise known as Egbert, is an ordinary Dutch guy with an extraordinary sound. One of Holland's finest techno producers to date, it all started from humble beginnings in his Rotterdam loft, with fellow Dutch artist Secret Cinema (Jeroen Verheij) unearthing this unique talent. The rest is history. From the loft to soon appearing at Time Warp, Awakenings and no less than a dozen times in a couple years at Club Womb in Tokyo; the meteoric rise has been testament to his hard work. On a fantastic day of Loveland action in Amsterdam, with a range of high profile names before and after, Egbert slotted in perfectly, showcasing his hard-hitting techno talent once more.

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03 00:09:03 Secret Cinema & Egbert
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04 00:15:43 Egbert
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08 00:36:55 Joop Junior
Famous In Amsterdam (Egbert Remix)
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