DJ Grad | Kazantip (Ukraine)
Sol Session #15

February 2012
Event / Location
Kazantip / Popovka (Ukraine)

DJ Grad from Moscow spins a relaxed and laidback set as the sun goes down over the black sea at Kazantip, setting the perfect contrast for the night of high energy just around the corner.

01 00:00:07 Know this track? Tell us
02 00:02:51 Can Blue
Katja's Dream
03 00:07:03 Spicey Dee
The Last Straw
04 00:10:35 Know this track? Tell us
05 00:13:40 Malinverno
Move Me Up
06 00:17:44 Know this track? Tell us
07 00:30:09 Know this track? Tell us

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